Paper Jungle



About us



Paper Jungle is a creative design and theatre company. We create innovative puppetry performance that plays with forms of visual storytelling.

Offering shows for family audiences, engaging all ages using humour, captivating storytelling and beautiful design. With stories at the centre, we explore puppetry in its many forms, constantly amazed at the ability they have to connect with the audience on a deep emotional level.

We work with theatre companies and a network of individual practitioners offering a specialist service- fabricating puppets, props, masks and toys.


Isabel lyster- Artistic director

Creative director Isabel Lyster is a performance maker, puppetry specialist and visual artist.

She is fascinated to combine puppetry with interdisciplinary arts. When fabricating, she investigates new technology and the sculptural effect of puppets on stage.

She is passionate about working with people through education, unravelling personal narratives, and turning this into a visual and theatrical work. She believes creative work can have an incredible transformative effect, on the participant and audience. She is always seeking ways of making the creative process accessible to people of all ages and social backgrounds .



We are currently collaborating with some brilliant practitioners:

Tessa Bide- Producer

Corinne Harragin- Storyteller

Rob Pemberton- Composer

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We work in collaboration with wide range of clients and a network of individual practitioners, providing a service of puppet fabrication and design development.

If you are interesting in our fabrication service, or booking one of our shows or workshops, we would love to hear from you.